EU MRV Process

With comprehensive experience in processing and analysis environmental data EnvService your accredited partner for world wide verification. 
Engineers of EnvService guarantee a well-founded testing:

  • save
    Rest assured that your data stays protected. All provided data and further information will be used exclusively for verification.

  • fast
    With clear responsibilities you will have one principal contact for the entire verification process and with monthly pre-reporting by EnvService your yearly reporting will the fastest and save cost.

  • competent
    Large organizations present themselves with experience in management processes. EnvService specialist in both - proceeding verification and saving cost by technical understanding.



Timeline of EU MRV

31 August 2017
Vessel operators have to submit the monitoring plans to a verifier

01 January 2018
Start monitoring of CO2 emissions according to the monitoring plans

30 April 2019
Submit the verified emission reports to the European Commission

30 June 2019
European Commission will publish the data


Range of Services

  • FO consumption Analysis

  • Speed Power Measuring

  • Base Lines Development

  • Vibration Analysis


  • energetic evaluation of energy consumption and power generation facilities

  • investigation of plants and processes regards cost savings

  • site assessment including load profile analysis and energy balancing

  • developing specific actions for optimising consumption

  • assistance in implementation with verification of target achievement

  • identification and evaluation of pollutant emissions


  • Energetische Bewertung von Energieverbrauchs- und erzeugungsanlagen

  • Untersuchung von Anlagen und Prozessen hinsichtlich Einsparpotentiale

  • Standortbetrachtung mit Lastganganalyse und Energiebilanzierung

  • Erarbeitung konkreter Maßnahmen zur Verbrauchsoptimierung

  • Begleitung der Optimierungsprozesse mit Prüfung der Zielerreichung

  • Bilanzierung und Bewertung von Schadstoff-Emissionen


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